Spinach Superfood!!

Spinach Superfood

Our organic Spinach Powder is a true green superfood! Our farm fresh spinach powder comes right from the farm, into our freeze dryer and to your door. Get the most potent and nutrient rich organic certified farm fresh spinach powder shipped at our discount rates on sale today! We guarantee the freshest freeze dried spinach powder on the planet. Our organic certified spinach powder goes through a state of the art dual freeze drying process which preserves the vital spinach nutrients. We store our precious spinach powder in light/climate controlled rooms for the best quality money can buy!

Spinach Plants are grown for their edible leaves. The vitamin rich leaves grow in a clump and are eaten both raw and cooked. Spinach leaves are generally bright to dark green, broadly oval or spade shaped, and can be smooth or crinkled. It is mild flavoured, and has succulent leaves which are deep green in colour. It traces its origins back to Persia, but was cultivated widely all over Europe by the 15th century.

Varieties of Spinach Spinach leaves can either be flat or slightly crinkled. Spinach can be purchased fresh, canned or frozen. Fresh spinach can be sold in bunches. Or it can be already washed, and sealed in plastic bags. Spinach is also often available as baby spinach (often used in salads). Other greens are sold separately, such as New Zealand Spinach, which comes from a different plant family.

Just one teaspoon per day of our farm fresh pure spinach powder provides several servings of spinach nutrients. Spinach is a powerhouse of health among leafy green vegetables. In fact, it ranks second behind kale in total health-promoting carotenoids and folate and third in total antioxidants behind garlic and kale. However, like other leafy green vegetables, spinach loses its nutritional value the longer it stays refrigerated. To get the best nutritive value out of fresh spinach, it should be used as soon as possible after it is purchased. The health benefits of spinach are many. It is loaded with a whole host of vitamins, including Vitamin B, folate, iron, as well as the photochemical lutein and zeaxanthin. Being rich in fiber, it has long been considered one of the healthiest foods in the world. In addition to all this, it low in calories (only about 41 calories per cup), so it is also a dieter’s dream!

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